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Westmorland Geological Society

Winter lectures 2023/2024

Wednesday 18th October         Ice on Mars
Dr Frances Butcher                  University of Sheffield

Wednesday 15th November      Carboniferous Limestones, Millstone Grit & Yoredale Gp, Pennines
Dr Colin Waters                       University of Leicester

Wednesday 20th December      Members Evening

Wednesday 17th January         Palaeogene Mammals evolution
Dr Steve Brusatte                   University of Edinburgh
                      Lecture by Zoom

Wednesday 21st February        President's address
Dr Hugh Tuffen                        University of Lancaster

Wednesday 20th March            Shear Genius - extensive ejecta layers of the Australian tektite stewn-field
                                             The MIS 20 large meteorite impact in Indochina
Dr Paul Carling                        University of Southampton