Welcome to the website of
the Westmorland Geological Society

The Society is open to anyone who is interested in Earth Sciences. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.  Non-members can attend an event for a small fee (£3.00).

There is a winter programme of lectures in Kendal, on the third Wednesday of each month, and tutorials on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  In the summer, excursions (fieldtrips) are organised, to places of geological interest.  All are within a reasonable distance of Kendal.  For details of the events that have been arranged for this year, please use the EVENTS link on the left or click here.

The society is now on Facebook.  Click here to visit it.
The society is now on Twitter.  Click here to visit it.
The society now has a YouTube channel.  Click here to visit it.

The PAST EVENTS link on the left gives brief details of past excursions, lectures & tutorials. They are not a complete record as the society publishes annual ‘Proceedings’ (free to members) which include illustrated write-ups of lectures and fieldtrips for that year, dating back to our founding in 1973. Tutorials began in January 2018, with a small charge to cover costs. They are advertised at lectures and by email to members. Visitors are welcome. They are generally aimed at beginners, though may build on previous tutorials, and are led by society members who are generous in sharing their knowledge.

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